Awards Entry

The MAC Awards have been recognizing the best of the best in marketing achievements since 1986.  In June 2018 we’ll be celebrating our fellow Credit Union marketers during our 2018 MAC Conference, May 29 – June 1, 2018 in San Diego.

Each entry has a chance at pulling in not only a MAC Award but our exclusive MACQUEE Best of Show Award (no…it’s not an acronym, we just like our caps lock). The only top honor where participants are on stage presenting their work, followed by live on-line judging with results hermetically sealed in a mayonnaise jar until opened during the MAC Awards celebration that evening!

The judges for all other entries are marketing, advertising, media and social media experts from both inside and outside the financial industry. In other words…you win an award here…you should be asking for a raise when you take home the hardware!


Entry pricing

Fees listed here apply to entries received by MAC both before and after the Early Bird entry deadline of February 9, 2018 at 11:59 pm PT.

Last day to submit an entry is Friday, March 30, 2018.

Credit Union Asset Size MAC Member Non-Member
$500 Million or less $80 or $100 after Feb.9 $140 or $160 after Feb.9
$501 - $999 Million $100 or $120 after Feb.9 $160 or $180 after Feb.9
$1 Billion or more $120 or $140 after Feb.9 $180 or $200 after Feb.9


Not a MAC member? Become one of us and pay a lower entry fee.


2018 Categories

All work entered must be representative of efforts completed during 2017

  • Annual Report - This one is pretty obvious. Results are not required.
  • Broadcast and Video - Credit Union member-facing television, video, radio, in-branch media or cinema ad or ad series. Results are required.
  • Business Development - Select Employer Group (SEG) specific marketing, business services or business-to-business offers. Results are not required.
  • Comprehensive Campaign - Campaign submissions requires a minimum of three campaign elements supporting one effort. Photos of larger campaign elements will be accepted. Results are required.
  • Community Engagement - Activism, giving back, supporting your local market, this category specifically recognizes those efforts. Results are not required.
  • Culture/Internal Branding - Do something awesome in terms of culture and your internal team? Here’s where you get credit for it! Results are not required
  • Direct Mail Single - One, single mail piece. Results are required.
  • Direct Mail Series -  A series of similar direct mails supporting one effort, including letter series or onboarding efforts. Results are required.
  • Electronic Marketing - Any eChannel marketing including mobile applications, email, text or e-process. Results are required.
  • Image Enhancement - Enhancement efforts support Public Relations, Rebranding, Brand Awareness or Financial Education. Results are not required.
  • Logo - New logos for the credit union or a specific credit union subsidiary, product, promotion or effort. Results are not required.
  • Market Segment Program - Efforts targeting a specific market segment of a credit union’s membership. Segments may be based on life stage, age, gender, ethnicity, or other demographic or niche markets. Results are required.
  • Microsite - Subcategory websites. Results are required.
  • Newsletter - Submit 2-5 newsletters in the same series. Results are not required.
  • Print or Online Ads - Newspaper or magazine advertisements or inserts or off-site online advertisements. Results are required.
  • Outdoor - Category includes billboards, bus ads, car wraps or other outdoor media. Results are not required.
  • Point of Sale - Point-of-sale materials supporting one effort. Results are not required.
  • Product Development - Did you create or rollout a new product in 2017? Give us the product details, what you did to promote it and the results. Results are required.
  • Social and Viral Media - Social and viral campaigns, engagement campaigns and other campaigns conducted using Facebook, Twitter or other word of mouth media. Results are required.
  • Video- Informational, internal or brand awareness video. Results are not required.
  • Website - Redesigned websites. Results are required.


Entries are scored and judged with others in one of the four asset categories. Judges evaluate your entry’s objectives, target audience, overall strategy, competitive factors and, when applicable, the Return On Investment you achieved. Your work is scored based on a set of best practice marketing criteria:

  • Results (0-40 points) – what costs were involved, how did they match your objectives and desired goals, including return on investment (ROI)
  • Creativity (0-30 points) – use of art/photography, design, type style, copy (or audio/visual equivalents) in pursuit of goals and how you have differentiated yourself from others in your market
  • Planning (0-30 points) – because you understand that planning is one of the major keys to the success of anything we do as marketers – we’re looking for your succinct strategy, how it integrates into your organizations strategic plan and vision, what components were used to develop the plan (actions, tactics, etc) for the project/campaign

An entry must have an average score at or above the minimum points required to be eligible for an award. The minimum scores for each level are:

  • First Place – 80 points

  • Second Place – 65 points
  • Award of Merit – 50 points

In categories where results are not required, the minimum score for each level is:

  • First Place – 50 points

  • Second Place – 38 points
  • Award of Merit – 28 points

Each category may award one first place, one second place and up to two awards of merit. If the minimum score for an award level is not achieved, no award will be given at that level in the category.