Mini-MAC 2016

Join us for a one-day workshop designed for every level of your Marketing team. It's definitely an event you don’t want to miss.

$99 for MAC Members | $149 for Non-Members

  • Tuesday, November 8, 2016
  • 9 am – 3 pm
  • 2855 E. Guasti Road, Suite 600, Ontario, CA 91761 (CCUL Office)

Can't be there in person?  We got that covered too. Join us virtually as our partner C-Sun Studios streams the workshop live to you. The streaming link will be emailed to you before the mini-conference event.

Using Big Data to Make Big Gains (9:40am PST/12:40pm EST)

We'll take you from credit union marketer to credit union psychic with this session. Use the data you have about your members' to anticipate their needs, target market, effectively engage and communicate with them. Learn what some credit unions are doing with this data-fueled approach for better member engagement and impact. Nate Derby, Chief Data Scientist, Stakana Analytics, Seattle.

Hands-On Strategies for Credit Union Innovation: A Marketer’s Toolkit (10:45am PST/1:45pm EST)

In addition to the credit unions and banks working to eat away at your wallet-share, more than 12,000 fintech startups are also competing for your members' time and attention. It's more important than ever to have marketing solutions that are meaningfully unique.

Lamar Heyward from Local Government Federal Credit Union in Raleigh, NC will lead us through practical ways to create those solutions. We'll look at cultivating a culture conducive to innovation and avoiding the traps that can torpedo your efforts. We'll also discuss the importance of diversity of thought in producing breakthrough solutions, and review useful tips for facilitating meetings and workshops that consistently produce a wealth of ideas. In the end, you will have the tools necessary to generate ideas and develop your own innovation framework as you take on the challenge of differentiating your credit union, your marketing and yourself.

Financial Education Through Engaging Storytelling: A Case Study (1:05pm PST/4:05pm EST)

Picture this. You are a credit union with a branch located on a college campus. The gold of many millennials for future membership surrounds you. You just need the tools to dig in and reap the rewards.

We'll chat with Joy Tafarella from CalPoly Federal Credit Union and Tim McAlpine of Currency to learn how they partnered to bring in Generation Y, and even Z, with some sweet millennial marketing and financial education.

Culture, Branding and Creativity: Fostering an Agency Environment in your Marketing Department (2:10pm PST/5:10pm EST)

Creativity is the undeniable advantage that agencies​ have over traditional in-house marketing departments, right? The out of the box ideas and sky’s the limit philosophy often allow agencies to offer credit unions something that they can’t replicate with a traditional in-house marketing department. It doesn't have to be that way! During this open forum panel discussion, you’ll hear from pros who combat this problem every day and have found ways to keep the energy of an agency alive on their marketing teams.

Our panelists, Tara Graff, VP Marketing/Business Development at Royal Credit Union, Paris Chevalier, CMO at Xceed Financial Credit Union, and Michelle Shelton, CMO at SCE Credit Union each come from credit unions and marketing departments of different sizes and each bring a unique perspective to the discussion. Join them and get that creative spark back!


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